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I am a lifelong student of military history with particular interest in the Battle of Antietam. I work for the federal government in Washington DC and have two young adult children who I love very much. I currently volunteer at Antietam and devote much time to the study of this battle and the Maryland Campaign. I enjoy collecting notable contemporary quotations by and about the men of Antietam. Since 2013 I have been conducting in depth research on the regular artillery companies of the Union Army and their leaders. I hope to turn this into a book on this subject in the future. My perspective comes from a 28-year career in the U.S. Army. Travels took me to World War II battlefields in Europe and the Pacific where American valor ended the tyranny of Nazism and Empire. But our country faced its own greatest challenge 80 years earlier during the Civil War. And it was the critical late summer of 1862, when Robert E. Lee launched the Maryland Campaign. It is an incredible story of drama, carnage, bravery, and missed opportunities that culminated around the fields and woodlots of peaceful Sharpsburg MD. So join me as I make this journey South from the North Woods.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Antietam Film at the Visitor's Center

No, it is not the new version of God's and Generals. However, those of you that have visited Antietam National Battlefield know that for years, the park featured a 26 minute video titled Lincoln's Antietam Visit. This film was shown for most of the day with the exception of the noon hour when a full one hour documentary of the battle was presented. If you missed the noon film, you didn't get a chance to really see any kind of decent overview of the Maryland Campaign and the battle. Lincoln's Antietam Visit did not offer that.

I learned this week when visiting the park that Lincoln's Antietam Visit has now been replaced with a film that provides a better overview of the battle. It is a vast improvement. While using some of the footage from the noon program, it also uses many scenes that were filmed but ultimately cut. There are much improved maps and graphics using technology not available when the original film was produced years ago. At last, visitors at any time they visit have the opportunity to view a pretty good overview of this historic campaign.

As the Pennsylvania gunner to the left is doing, check out the new film the next time you visit the park. You will be glad you did.

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