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I am a lifelong student of military history with particular interest in the Battle of Antietam. I work for the federal government in Washington DC and have two teenagers who I love very much. I currently volunteer at the battlefield and devote much time to the study of this battle and the Maryland Campaign. I enjoy collecting notable contemporary quotations by and about the men of Antietam. These words often add a degree of color and character not found elsewhere in their stories. A feature of this blog is the presentation of some of these quotes. My perspective comes from a 28 year career in the U.S. Army. Travels took me to World War II battlefields in Europe and the Pacific where American valor ended the tyranny of Nazism and Empire. But our country faced its own greatest challenge 80 years earlier during the Civil War. And it was the critical late summer of 1862, when Robert E. Lee launched the Maryland Campaign that fortune could have gone either way. It is an incredible story of drama, carnage, bravery, and missed opportunities that culminated around the fields and woodlots of peaceful Sharpsburg MD. So join me as I make this journey South from the North Woods.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Between Snow Storms

In the short break between snowstorms, my daughter Rachel and I escaped from our snowbound house yesterday and got some pictures of a wintery Antietam Battlefield and Harper's Ferry. We said hi to Rangers Mannie Gentile and John Hoptak manning the Visitor's Center. Needless to say, it was a quiet day and we had the battlefield all to ourselves. Rachel is a very good photographer and a number of these snowy scenes are hers. We are back inside as the next storm starts to blow out there. Enjoy the pictures of familiar views once again covered in a snowy blanket. 40 days until spring (I think).


  1. Heck of a winter, Jim. Good work by the NPS plowing the roads! Thanks for the slide show.

  2. Love the snow hat! Beautiful pictures. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Carol and Jim.
    It has really been something. Cant believe all the snow. Going to volunteer on Sunday. Dont know what kind of visitors we will have.

  4. Thanks Mannie. I really enjoy it. The white snow and the leafless tress allow one to really experience the terrain and contour lines.